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IN APRIL 2018 I took a trip to Lithuania, where this 3-part film project was created. The first and second videos, ŽEMYN (down) and AUKŠTYN (up), took place on the curonian spit on the baltic sea.  This small sliver of land was full of dynamic landscapes, allowing myself and my co-creator to dive inwardly and outwardly in relation to these forms.


The third and last video, arti (close), takes place in an alleyway in the capital city of vilnius. All three parts of this film project, in collaboration with lithuanian videographer emily win, aimed to provide a contrasting emotional experience. Interactions with the self, slowly building to face others in a ever-changing environments.  

please reach out if you wish to share your sentiments about the project.




1) Chiaroscuro by Pêtr Aleksänder

2) Sans Souci by Pêtr Aleksänder

3) Closer, Still by Pêtr Aleksänder  



Kelsie Steil (self), Ieva Tamoševičiūtė, Ignas Šmitas, Lina Marija Balčiūnaitė, Viktoras Fedorenko

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